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***We could really use your help!***

Hercules had an eye exam today at Littleton Equine Medical Center. Our regular vet Dr. Lemus, had concerns about his vision and swelling around his eye and recommended an exam by the respected ophthalmologist, Dr. Martabano. Dr. Martabano found pressure behind Hercules eye, and an ultrasound and exam revealed a tumor causing these issues. The vets recommend removing his eye, and the surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. They are confident this is the best option for Hercules.

Hercules should be able to come home on Wednesday. The cost of the exam and surgery will be around $3,000. We need your help to raise the funds. Please consider donating to help our sweet boy. Any amount will help.

As always, we are so grateful for your support!

To help click on the donate button or the link

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