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A Heartfelt Day of Generosity and Teamwork: Spotlight on Our Recent Support from ENT Credit Union

Updated: May 25

n a heartwarming demonstration of community support and kindness, the Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals had the immense pleasure of welcoming representatives from ENT Credit Union to our sanctuary. This wasn’t just any visit; it marked a significant gesture of generosity that underscores the deep connections and shared values between our organizations.

Early this crisp morning, under the vast Colorado sky, we were greeted by Christian, the bank manager of ENT Credit Union, and his assistant, Jordan. They weren't just bearers of good news; they came as friends of our cause, bringing with them a spirit of giving that radiated warmth and compassion.

The highlight of their visit was the presentation of a very generous donation to our foundation. This financial support is a lifeline for our operations, enabling us to continue providing the highest level of care, love, and shelter to the animals that call our sanctuary home. Every penny donated goes directly towards necessities such as feed, veterinary bills, and maintenance of our facilities, ensuring that our animals live in comfort and peace.

But Christian and Jordan’s contribution didn’t end with the opening of an envelope. They rolled up their sleeves and joined us in the day-to-day duties that keep our sanctuary running.

Yes, they literally shoveled manure alongside our dedicated team, demonstrating an incredible level of commitment and solidarity with our cause. It's actions like these that remind us of the power of community and the impact of hands-on support.

Among the many heartwarming moments of the day, one stood out. Our Suri llama, Roo, seemed to understand the significance of the visit and made a special appearance to receive a treat from Christian. It was as if she, along with all our animals, sensed the kindness and generosity brought into their home.

Christian and Jordan fit right into our farm family, reminding us of the iconic farmers who've graced screens and storybooks, epitomizing the timeless bond between humans and the land. Their visit left a lasting impression not only on our team but most importantly, on the animals they came to support.

We are profoundly grateful to ENT Credit Union, Christian, and Jordan for their generous donation and the invaluable time they spent with us. It’s gestures like these that fuel our mission and reaffirm the community’s role in our ongoing story of rescue, rehabilitation, and love.

To everyone at ENT Credit Union and our broader community, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your support makes all the difference in the world to the animals at the Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals. Together, we’re not just changing lives; we’re nurturing a legacy of compassion and care that spans generations.

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