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Animals For Adoption

While we love to help animals, we currently cannot take on any more. We would love to help some who have reached out to find a forever home for the lovely animals they need to give away for various reasons. If you are interested, please contact us, and please reach out to anyone you know who may adopt them. 

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Meet Lincoln and Peaches, a 3 year old and 5 year old pair of Colorado Mountain Dogs. They are very sweet fluffy pups who are in need of a loving home with lots of space to explore. They do not do well with smaller animals, so please make sure that they are a good fit for your household before considering. 

If you're more interested in a livestock animal, these three boys are looking for a new place. They are all three neutered and we are assured they are the sweetest goats you ever did see. The two white ones are about 130 lbs. each, while the brown is smaller at 100. Let us know if interested in these fun fellas.


These two friendly faces are Maverick and Marley. They are a bonded pair, and we would love to find a forever home for them together. Maverick is a 6-7 year old male chocolate lab. Marley is a sweet younger girl. They both are big dogs, and would love lots of space to run and some durable toys to last them a long time. They don't do well with cats, but seem to be doing well with the other dogs at the foundation.

A quick reminder that you should never take on the responsibility of an animal without considering the time commitment, resources, and care that you need to put into it. This includes researching the lifespan of a breed.

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