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Our Friends



Ziggy is the biggest and strongest of our goats, and he knows it too! If a door is ever left open for too long, you can bet that Ziggy will be pushing his way through it to look for anything exciting or tasty on the other side. He makes sure to keep us on our toes, but he's always willing to acquiesce for some nice back scratches.



The newest member of our arthritis family, Wendell has been loving his new introduction to morning treats and has almost as much fun taking his pills as he does munching on our shirts! Any loose clothing becomes a liability with this little guy around, but he never fails to bring a smile to our faces with his enthusiasm.



Our most reticent llama, Roo has been adjusting to the loss of her partner, Kanga, about a few years. While she used to be friendly, she has been much more cautious around everyone since the loss, but has recently opened back up a bit more to the other llamas.



A reminder of the Annie's Project, Hercules was a trail horse for 20 years in Estus Park. He retired due to age and was brought here to live out his last years in peace. His eyesight is failing him, but he still enjoys walking around the field on nice days to get his exercise in.



The friendliest of all our llamas, Bucky just loves to come up and say hello to our volunteers while they're hard at work! Whenever we're putting out the hay, he makes sure to follow us around everywhere and just loves getting into places that he doesn't belong



Angel is best friends with Dealer, one of our two horses. They arrived here together and spend every night in the same stall. Even while dealing with arthritis, he does his best to keep a smile on his face every day and greet our visitors and volunteers joyfully.



A beautiful Missouri Gaited Fox Trotter, Dealer has overcome his fair share of difficulties in his life. He lost his right eye to cancer when he was younger and is now dealing with cancer in his left eye as well. When the Sun is up, he needs a blinder to protect his eye when he goes outside, or he is unable to see. Thankfully, he has his best friend Angel to keep him company and help him avoid running into things!



With arthritis in his front left leg, Alfalfa may often prefer sitting to walking, but that doesn't stop him from getting excited whenever the volunteers are bringing him his morning medicine. He's always the first one to poke his head through the little door to the medicine room, ready to snack on the treats that come with his pills!

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